Unmasked: An Analysis of 10 Million Passwords

How strong are your passwords? Here’s an analysis of 10 million via @wpengine

Source: Unmasked: An Analysis of 10 Million Passwords

This is a good, albeit slightly nerdy, read.  It explains just how weak many pa$$word5 are, even when we think they’re not. From a business continuity point of view, how would your enterprise survive an online attack? Think about the number of sites you logon to on a regular basis: your WordPress site that powers your blog, an online retail site which hosts your e-tail provider, eBay, Amazon. How about PayPal and your online banking – what if they were taken down?!

Like many others, I use the services of an password manager, my weapon of choice is LastPass (https://lastpass.com/) which you can use for free. This provides incredibly secure passwords for all my logins and, as I use the premium version – a snip at only $12 per year, I can use it on all my devices as can all of my family. This takes all the hassle out of worrying about remembering individual secure passwords for all your logins.  All you have to remember is one safe master password and LastPass does the rest [other password managers are available].  This is an example of an 18 character password that I just asked LastPass to generate for me: U~ff!Tu%S4Inq^%g9p. That last one is the full stop at the end of the sentence by the way!  Checking the strength of that password reveals that it would take a ‘massive cracking array scenario with an assumption of one hundred trillion guesses per second’ (which sounds impressive) – 1.28 trillion centuries to crack.  In my book, that’s quite a long time.

Long story short – get a password manager!

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