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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Launching this month, Marginalyser is a unique piece of software, an ‘add-on’ or extension to the Google Chrome internet browser*. It’s purpose is to help people who are purchasing products to sell via eBay, Amazon or their own e-commerce enabled websites save valuable time and money. It is a profit calculator that gives you clear and accurate information as to how much money you will make if you¬†choose to buy a product or consignment of products.

When you are researching potential purchases on the internet and you come across a product that you are interested in, you click the Marginalyser icon that sits on your toolbar and it opens a pane that sits over to the right hand side of your browser leaving plenty of screen room to see the webpage you are looking at.

You simply enter a few price details and the markup you envisage applying and Marginalyser will tell you whether you are going to hit your profit target or not. It also tells you how much profit you are going to make and the total profit for the consignment.

If you are in an active market and have an idea as to the current market price, you can enter this value and Marginalyser will instantly let you know whether you can compete or not.

Marginalyser is available in two versions; Standard (above) for those who purchase from within their own domestic/home markets and Pro (right) for those who also purchase goods from overseas.

The Pro version has additional functionality to cater for exchange rates, customs duty and import tax/VAT but is just as simple and elegant as the Standard version.

If you are not currently tracking your gross profit margins, then doing so will allow you to move your business onto a much more profitable level and let you focus and concentrate on those products that are going to make you the best return on your valuable investment of time, effort and money.


Move your financial goals ahead, get profitable, get Marginalyser.


* The Google Chrome internet browser is now the world’s most popular and trusted web browser and combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. If you are not currently using it, get it from here: http://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chrome/browser/.

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